Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Infra_Manc opened last friday. An exhibition of great infrastructural projects, both realised and unrealised, within the enigmatic city of Manchester. Currently on at CUBE gallery, the collection on display illuminates you with a pure adventure of the imagination in to what our city may have been, whilst simultaneously cementing your amazement for the projects that came to fruition.

Whether it be a city of Helicopters, or the Guardian Underground Telephone Exchange, which  still lays below our feet unbeknownst to us, this exhibition helps to show the true innovation and ideas that progressed the city through the post-war period.

Curated by the MSA's Richard Brook and Martin Dodge of the Department of Geography at the University of Manchester, and part of the Manchester Histories Festival 2012, this exhibition is truly worth a visit. It is on display on till the 24th of March at CUBE.