Friday, 29 January 2010

Hodder + Partners New Wakefield Street Tower

The recession is officially over, well 0.1% less worse, and with it architecture appears to be rising out of the vast chasm it has been stuck in for the past few years. A number of projects are being released and old projects are starting up again. The latest is a new 111m tall student apartment block by Hodder + Partners, erupting out of the relatively timid Oxford Road Station.

A total of 525 bedrooms will fill the tower, generating a new centralised student hub a stones throw away from the student corridor that Oxford Road is. The building sits close to Stephenson Bell's new Hotel that is currently under construction, which will lay in it's shadow.

The design is similar to Unite's Sky Plaza in Leeds, which shares a similar programme, however Hodder + Partners design is much less of a monstrosity as Carey Jones' tower that sticks out like a sore thumb in Leeds' skyline.

Construction on the building is due to start in June of this year if planning permission is granted by Manchester City Council.

Images Copyright to Hodders + Partners and Chris Brink

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