Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Business School vs Business School

Image Copyright to UofM
The University of Manchester, in collaboration with Bruntwood, have released information on the proposed phased development of what is to become an expanded Business School along the Oxford Road Corridor.

The plans come as MMU's very own new Business School reaches the final stage of construction, with an opening date set for the summer of 2012. The 2 institutions look to promote the importance and growth of Business in Manchester, as the city looks to a service-led developments to act as a backbone to it's economy.

Image Copyright of MMU
The University of Manchester's scheme looks to expand the current Business School, housed in the University Precinct, with a £60million budget for new conference facilities, a four star hotel and an executive education centre for the training programs which the University have for external corporate clients.

Bruntwood is the only name mentioned in the press release, however it appears that BDP are the chosen architect for the scheme. There vast portfolio of educational-orientated work over the past 50 years puts them in a great position to deliver a much needed refresh to the school. However the shift away from student based development perhaps shows where the University of Manchester is looking to expand and grow on a more economical level. The joint venture with Bruntwood highlights the University's desire for commerciality. Bruntwood own a significant share of commercial property in Manchester, and there expansion down the Oxford Road Corridor perhaps signifies a change in the future of Universities in the country, moving towards an entirely privatised outfit of further education in the UK.   

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  1. This project is great. Business school students can now enjoy a new building conducive to learning. Nourishing business studies can surely help the state flourish economically.