Thursday, 17 June 2010

3rd Year MSA Student's Exhibition

Opening this friday, the 18th of June 2010, is Manchester School of Architecture's 3rd Year Degree Show. The work on show summarises a year long project that each student has completed. The exhibition opens at 6:00pm in the Chatham building on the MMU All Saints Campus.
Jack Stewart's Work

The Exhibition is spread over 2 floors and contains student work from each of the 5 units currently taught in third year. Each unit is devised by groups of tutors, and then picked by the students at the start of the year. SYNC offers a look to the future of sustainability, structures evolve from nature, resulting in new and innovative forms. Continuity in Architecture, run by Sally Stone, is the child of the BA Unit by the same name. Here history and context stand as the biggest influence in the student's designs. U + L expands the student's approach to possibility, realising schemes that look to drastically change the built environment with influences from today's society.
Jack Penford Baker's Work

Other units in the show include Emerging Topographies and Making Public Space, help to cement the MSA's position at the forefront of future architecture. The exhibition itself is a great opportunity for younger years to get a feel for the units taught, and a chance for the BA students to see what their future competition are producing.
Last Years Exhibition

Although a public exhibition, the main purpose is for architect firms to see the work on show and hopefully decide to employ the majority. Times are difficult at the moment thus making this exhibition a crucial event for prospectus employees and employers.
Ben Hale's Work

The show opens at 6:00pm this friday, and will be open till the following wednesday. I urge people to take a look at whats on show and spread the word about the future of architecture.

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