Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Future

LOOKUP Manchester has just entered it's second year of existence, miraculously the blog has excelled beyond what I ever thought it could. With a little help from fellow students and a city full of architecture it has managed to position itself in the blogging culture, both nationally and internationally.

Most readers of the blog are occasional internet trawlers looking for specifics on architectural news. However there are a few loyal followers out there, and this year I hope for that group to expand. Our team looks to grow, already new members are appearing and anymore who wish to get involved need but contact me.

I have just finished my 3rd year, and successfully graduated with a BA Arch degree. Resulting in my future being uncertain. Currently on the prowl for any available architecture work, I have come to realise a missing tangent of an architecture degree. What is a Year Out? As much as the 7 year course is profoundly unified and the initial transition between architectural university life and architectural practicing life seems rather abrupt and significantly different, especially the initial months. Therefore I plan to document my 1st year out as a RIBA Part 1 Student right here on this blog. Hopefully it will be a useful tool for those in my position and for the future students whom find themselves initially unsure by their future.

As it currently stands I am yet to find work, something I never hoped for but an inevitability I was expecting. However all is not lost and I still believe employment is achievable. I plan to write an entry every 2 weeks portraying my experiences in the real world.

by Jack Penford Baker

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